Posted by: Kathleen Cross | August 16, 2008

REPOST: I have a few (3) more t-shirts available

Calling a few adventurous anti-racists…

I am conducting an experiment, and I need the help of ten people of various ethnic backgrounds who are willing to participate.

The experiment will simply entail wearing a (free) t-shirt that features a photo of an abolitionist hero with the message “I’ll choose my own heroes, thank you.”  Participants must agree to post about reactions to the shirt.

There are two different t-shirts in the experiment.  Both feature white American abolitionists. One of the t-shirts features a picture of John Brown , the other a picture of James and Lucretia Mott.  See samples of each shirt below.

Of course, the text on the shirt would indicate that the individual depicted there is indeed someone you would choose as a hero — if that is not the case, you would not be an appropriate candidate for this experiment.  I am looking for participants who would choose John Brown and/or James and Lucretia Mott as individuals they would refer to as heroes.

The shirt is free to ten selected participants who write to me at Please include a brief paragraph about your interest and/or involvement in anti-racist issues, indicate your ethnicity(ies), and tell me why you are interested in this experiment.  Also please include a mailing address, and indicate which of the shirts you would prefer (and why).

Front of John Brown T-shirt

Front of John Brown T-shirtBack of John Brown T-shirt

Back of John Brown T-shirt

Back of John Brown T-shirt

Front of James and Lucretia Mott T-shirt

Front of James and Lucretia Mott T-shirt

Back of James and Lucretia Mott T-shirt

Back of James and Lucretia Mott T-shirt

Email your request to


  1. How is this project going for you? It’s a good idea.
    I’d gladly wear the second one (it looks as though it would create a bigger shock) but I don’t wear T-shirts.
    Be sure to write about your results.

  2. You know I will gladly wear it! either one is fine with me. I will let you choose.
    thanks, ew

  3. What about William Lloyd Garrison or John and Jean Rankin?

    I need to read up on James and Lucretia Mott, apparently.

  4. You got one big enough I’ll rock it gladly.

    Great idea.

  5. E-mailing you NOW – I’d LOVE to wear one if you have any left.


  6. How is the experiment going?

    If you are going to run it again, or have any shirts left, I would wear one and so would my brother (who is also named john brown). I admire the abolitionist john brown because he had unlimited balls in an age when it was a thousand times more perilous to be ballsy. Did you know he was captured by another “colored” guy, surnamed green?

    I don’t know about the Motts, but will read about them in future.

    I am reading a book called “slavery by another name” – utterly stunning, enraging in fact. It should be a must-read for all americans.

  7. I would LOVE a John Brown t-shirt, free or not. I actually have been looking for one online. Please contact me on facebook info how to buy a shirt. I would love to be part of your experiment! Thanks.

  8. I would love one!

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